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At PROLIGHTING, we’re welcoming Spring with the addition of two fresh residential and commercial lines:  Maxim Lighting® and ET2 Contemporary™. For decades, Maxim Lighting has been the go-to for discerning clientele, thanks to the company’s innovative fixture offerings. Maxim Lighting has consistently found themselves among the top five lighting brands in the industry. The finest global hotels, stores and offices have incorporated Maxim’s products into their aesthetic. Unlike some competitors, Maxim Lighting has an intuition for lasting trends, carefully developed from nearly five decades of lighting research, design and development.


Maxim Lighting is a proud, multi-generational brand built on ingenuity, passion, and dedication. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1965, Maxim’s founder, Jacob Sperling, used his student visa to bring his vision of superior lighting to life. Sperling used his skills and techniques learned from his day job with a lighting retailer to forge innovative new lighting products. Soon, Maxim Lighting was born. Overwhelmed by eager customers, Sperling’s brother Zvi joined the company, based in California, in 1970.

By 1975, the brothers not only offered over 150 unique lighting product designs, they surpassed their first million in revenue and completely outgrew their original garage workshop. As their workforce and facilities grew, so did their ambition. In 2004, a flagship program, ET2 Contemporary Lighting, introduced sleek, modern design to the commercial and hospitality industries, enabling them to discover Maxim Lighting products with clean lines and silhouettes that are ideally suited to their facilities and decor.

Intelligent Design Meets Sophisticated Style

With over 4,000 distinct and noteworthy designs to their credit, ET2 Contemporary Lighting collections artfully blend luxurious finishes, smooth surfaces, and bold angles with creative shapes and forms. ET2 collections transform ordinary rooms into exceptional spaces through the remarkably fresh use of translucent crystals, sculpted glass, fluid chrome, and powerful lamps. Each unique ET2 Contemporary collection embraces advanced technology and forward-thinking style, and makes it accessible and achievable in everyday lighting. Choose from products that include pendant fixtures, floor and table lamps, LED mirrors, and more.

Step Into The Spotlight

Whether you want to bathe a room in light or simply add some accents through illumination, Maxim Lighting offers options to turn your plans into a reality. Maxim’s products will ensure your lighting looks and feels like a custom installation, no matter where you need it. As Maxim Lighting nears 50 years of operation, they look forward to impressing you with new styles that define and excite. Find the perfect collection for all of the biggest styles—from modern to vintage and everything in between. Choose from products that include wall sconces, vanity lights, chandeliers, and more.

Need help with products from Maxim Lighting or ET2 Contemporary Lighting? PROLIGHTING’s dedicated team is happy to assist with recommendations, quotes, and information to facilitate your project. Contact us today!

PROLIGHTING® is an Authorized Distributor of Maxim Lighting® and ET2 Contemporary Lighting™

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DALS Debuts New Smart Landscape Collection for Spring/Summer

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