Have Questions?

How are my garden lights packaged?

All SolaGarden lights will arrive at your doorstep in a cardboard box. Make sure to recycle the boxes after you have unpacked your lights too!

Are all your lights weatherproof?

Yes, every light we sell is either IP44 or IP65 weather resistant, meaning rain, hail or shine, they'll be shining bright every day.
If your lights ever stop working, just remember they are backed by our lifetime replacement guarantee. Simply reach out to our support teamhereif you ever have any issues with your lights.

Why are all your lights solar-powered?

We believe strongly in the power of renewable energy, and reducing our impact on the world. Every product we sell is powered by the sun's rays to help you reduce your monthly power bill and help reduce the amount of electricity you use from non-renewable sources.

Can I send an order as a gift?

Have a special someone who you think needs some SolaGarden lights in their life? Our lights are the perfect gift! You can ship any SolaGarden product directly to that lucky lad or lady by entering their address as the shipping address, and your own as the billing address. Plus we don’t include any value invoices inside the box as any receipts are sent directly to your own email address. It’s that easy!

Based on 146 reviews

I am so pleased with my Sola LED ground lights. They are bright, easy to install, instantly light up my garden. Quality stuff, highly recommended.

These lights are a great way to add light to a path or dark outdoor area in a cute and creative way.We installed them in a garden area along a walkway and they provide just enough light to light the path safely.They look decorative rather an utility.The little frosted globes provide a softened light that look like little clusters of fairy lights.They seem to have a good solar mechanism that provides enough charge for the lights to stay light throughout all the evening hours and until at least midnight.

Absolutely love my new solar lights. I charged them really well before installing. Put them in an area other solar lights haven’t worked that well. These are strong and bright and long lasting. Look so stylish and professional. Will be buying more 💯

Love these lights. They stay on all night.

I can't lie when I saw this saw out of the package I laughed. I said this looks like a toy. This thing isn't going to work for me. Don't let the size fool you. A very powerful tool. A must have. Easy to use and time saver. Will cut through trees. Love it.

Love love them. Love the fact they have the guarantee that comes with them. So many solar lights on the market. Fantastic product.

We love them, I love the way you can place them along garden path flush to the adjoining garden bed. They give an uplifting look to our front yard and I especially love the 100% guarantee if they are faulty, that just proves that they are good quality, I thoroughly recommend these solar lights, they will enhance wherever you display them.

Still getting used to my “baby chainsaw” - also my first ever! Easy set up & tremendous freedom in comparison to electric extension chord that made trimming tasks relatively slow going!

Powerful Chainsaw and trims very well.

So handy and light to use but still packs a punch. Would recommend.

I live on a rather highly travelled highway.Never before have I had someone pull into my driveway to ask about my front porch area(which I take great pride in),that is until I installed these lights!This is a often occurrence now as people want to know where I got these lights!They are so cool looking,and I really can't wait for our Iris'to pop up in between the lights to give that added elegance.Even on super low light days,the lights will stay active for hours on end.On brightly lit days,the solar panels charge the batteries to full

I love these lights, great quality, such a nice colour & last for so long throughout the night. I spend even more time in the garden now, just happily looking at them! Very helpful along the path too.

We ordered 12 lights to start and now have 48! We absolutely love this product- really easy to assemble and they light up feature rock walls and plants in our garden beautifully. They are robust and reliable and I intend to order another 12 to highlight another project we have just completed in our garden.
I have no hesitation in recommending this product- it really is fantastic.

Very bright love them so far !

Awesome Chainsaw, makes work so ezzyy.

I recently ordered a 2 pack of the Solar firefly lights. They are absolutely beautiful and add a whimsical bit of magic to our garden. There was a small issue with one of them which was resolved straight away. I was very impressed with the excellent customer service. These lights are an inexpensive way to add a whole new dimension to the garden - and excellent for entertaining. I will certainly be recommending them to my (garden design) clients.

They look great and work perfectly so far 2 weeks in.

We purchased the festoons and a pack of ground lights after setting them up wow couldnt help ourselves ordered. 24 more the garden and shade house look absolutely stunning and with lifetime warranty who could complain we were sick of lights that last a year at best thowing money away these are the answer we only intended to get the first lot but as i said they light up amazing now our whole garden it liitup went with the warm white fantastic thanks guys

Ordered a second time. Excellent everything, fast delivery, good packaging, all working. Thank you!

I love the product waiting till I try tonight

The lights look great! Time will tell but right now they're all working beautifully and all come on in the evening without issue.

Love ❤️ those lights. Ordered many times to add more. And might I add.. Customer service is amazing 🤩. One was faulty, got more than one replaced asap.

Works Great, Easy!

This is not a usual use of these wonderful lights but I have adapted these as a temporary solution to illuminate our stairwell until a wiring issue is resolved. I charge these up in direct sunlight during the now shorter autumn days in Hobart, then relocate them in this makeshift box to the stairwell. Before long will place in the garden to light up my e-bike storage area.

  • Solar powered

    Save money on electricity bills every month

  • Weatherproof

    Completely weatherproof and built to last

  • Life guarantee

    Lifetime replacement guarantee if they break

  • Sustainability

    1% of sales supports sustainability projects