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It is a well-known fact that solar garden lights require no routine maintenance.  They are all in one lights where solar panels and battery are built inside the light cover.  Solar panel is the most important part in any solar-powered lighting unit as it is the component that converts solar energy into usable electric energy; therefore, it should not be covered with debris, bird droppings or dirt for the light to perform well.  Garden lights are a little fragile so one should be very careful while handling them.


Solar garden light are water-resistant and are made for outdoor lighting; however, occasional cleaning and inspection will ensure proper illumination and function of the lights.  Following are a few easy tips to maintain your solar garden lights well:

  • Look out for anything that blocks sunlight

Ensure your solar garden lights are always in a shadow-free area as they rely on sunlight alone to operate.  You must prune any tree, plant, or shrub that may block the sun.  If you are unable to remove the obstacle that blocks the sunlight, it is better to reposition your garden light.

  • Clean and inspect solar panels, globes and fixtures

Although a good rain is sufficient to clear off any dirt from the panels, home owners can perform a deep cleaning once in a while. 

How to clean:

 Make sure you avoid any cleaning material that can scratch or damage the surface of the solar panel.  Since the panels can get hot during sunny days, it is preferred to perform the cleaning on a cool day.

Use a soft wipe cloth, toothbrush or sponge and dampen it with any mild soap solution, squeeze the water out before using it to wipe the lighting unit.  The remaining soapy scum can attract more dirt so wipe off the panel again using a clean, wet towel to ensure the soap is completely gone.

You may use a regular garden hose to clean the lights; nonetheless, avoid using a power washer as the water that comes out of the nozzle has a lot of power and can damage the panels.  The solar garden lights should never be dunked in a bucket of water.

Using cleaning vinegar is also a good method to clean the panels to remove any tough stains as it has the ability to clean metal and crystal objects when mixed with water and mild detergent.  One must avoid any bleaching agents or harsh detergents for cleaning.  If the manufacturer has given any specific cleaning instructions, make sure you follow them.


What to inspect: 

Inspect the globes and panels for any crack or damage and also for any dented metal components.  If you find any serious damage, you may replace the damaged parts alone or the whole fixture.

  • Check the wire connections

Solar garden lights are wireless which makes the installation very easy.  There are no electrical wires but there are some wires connecting the panel and battery.  The wires are well protected; however, there is a possibility that the insulation can be chewed off by rodents such as possums, squirrels or rats; hence, if your light is not working as it should be, you may check the connections.

  • Change the position of the fixtures

Solar garden lights require at least six hours of direct sunlight to fully charge their batteries.  Even if you place them at an area for the panels to capture maximum sunlight during installation, it is possible that pets, people or wildlife may have knocked them out of position.  You may rearrange the position of your solar lights if and when required.

If the solar garden lights have any debris or dust, they cannot fully charge during sunlight hours.  Cleaning and maintaining your outdoor lights can help extend their overall life as well as maintain their visual appeal.  If the lights are placed in a dusty area, the property owners can do the cleaning once or twice a month.  Solar garden lights usually have components with a long lifespan and do not require replacement every now and then.  Almost all solar garden can operate without any type of maintenance for a long duration and you may contact your distributor in case of any repairs or replacements.

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